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Bluester Capital applies extra-financial criteria (ESG) in all steps of its investment activities.

  • We ensure that the management companies of our portfolio funds strive to apply the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) both by integrating Environmental, Social and Quality Governance (ESG) objectives into the selection of investments and in the daily monitoring of risks and the development of the businesses of the companies in the portfolio;
  • We exclude from direct investment any company involved in the manufacture and trade of arms, prostitution and pornography, tobacco and alcohol;
  • We systematically include an ESG clause in the side letters we sign with the management companies of the funds in which we invest.

Most of the funds in which we have invested are UN PRI signatories and/or have implemented an active ESG policy. We are now seeing the development of the following tools:

  • Fund’s ESG charter/policy
  • ESG reports carried out during the pre-acquisition due diligence (questionnaires, inventory of fixtures and worksites to be implemented on each of the three components, identification of indicators to be set up)
  • Annual ESG Monitoring Questionnaires for Portfolio Companies
  • ESG-specific reporting in the context of quarterly reporting
  • Annual ESG Investor Reports
  • Third party audits (upon acquisition and/or periodically while the asset is held)

Furthermore, Bluester Capital is committed to promoting the principles of diversity and equal opportunity, and to contributing to the elimination of all forms of discrimination.