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direct investments

Bluester Capital co-invests in companies with European sponsor funds

Portfolio direct investments


Created in 1989, Biofutur is a group of 51 Medical Biology Laboratories located in Paris and its surroundings. The group employs about 500 people and receives an average of 6,000 patients per day with more than 350 different types of analyses performed.

Investment date : March 2020
Sponsor Fund : Omnes Croissance
Type of operation : LBO

F.R.A (Forensic Risk Alliance)
Services aux entreprises- conseil

Founded in 1999, FRA is a fast-growing independent consultancy firm specialising in advising multinational companies in their response to anti-corruption, antitrust or multi-jurisdictional litigation investigations. FRA employs 220 consultants in Europe (London, Paris, Helsinki, Stockholm) and the United States (Washington, Dallas, New York).

Investment date : July 2017
Sponsor Fund : Dunedin
Type of operation : Growth capital

Groupe Mistral
Services aux entreprises - IT

Created in 1980, Mistral is the 2nd French publisher of ERP software dedicated to retailers, rental companies and resellers in the agricultural and public work equipment and distribution sectors. Mistral also markets hosting and outsourcing solutions.

Investment date : June 2018
Sponsor Fund : Omnes Capital
Type of operation : MBI

Biens industriels

Founded in 1976, ProEngin manufactures and markets worldwide high performance detectors for the prevention of chemical and biological attacks, especially under complex operating conditions. The company sells its products for both military and civil protection uses (firefighters, police, critical installations).

Investment date : July 2018
Sponsor Fund : Capital Export
Type of operation : LBO

Biens industriels

Founded in 1994, Kama designs, manufactures and markets machines for cutting, finishing, folding and gluing printed products. Known for their quality, the machines are mainly intended for small, top-of-the-range production runs. The two main markets are commercial printing and packaging (especially pharmaceutical).

Investment date : July 2018
Sponsor Fund : Premium Equity Partners
Type of operation : LBO

Besson Chaussures

Besson Chaussures is one of the main shoe distributors in France with a network of c.140 stores spread all over the country. The group offers an affordable range of 4,000 items, most of which are under private label.

Investment date : July 2018
Sponsor Fund : Weinberg Capital Partners
Type of operation : LBO

Biens industriels

Founded in 1972, Litalsa is one of the European leaders in the field of lithography and varnishing of metal cans, mainly for the food industry. Litalsa distinguishes itself from the competition through the high level of quality of its services (multi-colour lithography, 2-piece technology), made possible by investing regularly in the latest technology equipments.

Investment date : January 2019
Sponsor Fund : MCH
Type of operation : LBO

Services aux entreprises- Gestion des déchets

Founded in 1997, Reconor began in the collection and treatment of construction waste. The group has since extended its activities to household waste collection and soil purification. It is one of the Danish leaders in the sector.

Investment date : June 2015
Sponsor Fund : Agilitas Private Equity
Type of operation : MBI

Biens de consommation

Founded in 2001, Brasmar specialises in the import, processing, distribution and sale of frozen fish and seafood in Europe. Historically focused on the B to B sector (wholesalers and retailers) the company had more recently extended its activites to the B to C channels through acquisitions. The group exports its products to more than 20 countries.

Investment date : May 2016
Sponsor Fund : MCH
Type of operation : MBO

Services aux entreprises - Chimie de spécialité

Fixatti is a company specialising in the manufacture of thermoplastic and hot melt powders. When heated to high temperatures, the powders are transformed into adhesives or plastics, making them suitable for a variety of industrial uses in many sectors, including metal packaging, textiles and leather goods, as well as the automotive industry.

Investment date : May 2013
Sponsor Fund : Co-Investor Deutschland GmbH / ZM Advisory AG
Type of operation : LBO

Direct investments sold


Ionisos is one of the European leaders in cold sterilization services with 11 sites, more than 200 employees and more than 1,000 customers.

Investment date : December 2014
Sponsor Fund : Agilitas Private Equity
Type of operation : LBO
Date of exit : July 2016


Neoxam is a global player in the publishing of front, middle and back-office softwares for the asset management industry.

Investment date : January 2014
Sponsor Fund : Blackfin Financial
Type of operation : MBI
Date of exit : May 2018


Garavilla is a Spanish family-owned group that has been producing and marketing canned fish since 1887 under the Isabel brand and under private label (MDD).

Investment date : July 2010
Sponsor Fund : MCH
Type of operation : LBO
Date of exit : October 2015

Biens de consommation

Weka manufactures and distributes garden shelters, individual parking roofs and outdoor equipment. Their wood and composite products are widely distributed through specialized tool and garden supply chains in Germany, Eastern Europe, Switzerland and France.

Investment date : February 2016
Sponsor Fund : Premium Equity Partners
Date of exit : October 2018