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Claims handling

In accordance with Instruction n°2012-07, Bluester Capital has set up a procedure summarised below:

  • Methods of referral to the management company:

The claim may be addressed in writing to the company or verbally to any Bluester Capital employee.

  • Person in charge of handling claims: Mr Seoue

Email address: guy-stephane.seoue@bluestercapital.com

  • Claims processing duration:

Bluester Capital undertakes to deal with any claim sent to it within a maximum period of two months from the date of receipt of the claim to the date of sending the reply to the customer, unless special circumstances arise which are duly justified.

  • AMF Ombudsman

Bluester Capital does not itself have an internal mediation service, given its size. However, the AMF Ombudsman may be called upon to settle a dispute out of court to avoid legal proceedings.

In the event of an unsatisfactory response to a claim, any customer may appeal to the AMF Ombudsman :

  • In writing: AMF Ombudsman

Autorité des marchés financiers, 17 place de la Bourse – 75082 Paris Cedex 02

  • By electronic referral: